Welcome everyone!
This game has created by AroBlinz action game with guns,joining rooms,creating rooms,switching weapons,playing on different maps.
This game is not fully finished so we will updating our game!
Only website register! no login or register ingame needed.Download & Play!
Game has released if you want to play game online click  "Download"
Game version 1.5
New Update 1.5
15th Feb 2014 · AroBlinz · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Game has been updated to 1.5
Kill Count
Chat Enter Fixed
Added MainMenu
New Weapon
And More

Game Released v1.0
19th Jan 2014 · AroBlinz · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Game has released come and play with us!
Refer a friend,invite friends for more action!
How to play
After you downloaded game,launch "Soldier ForeZore.exe" wait while launcher load,choose graphich and quality and click "Play" After the game has loaded "Create" or "Join" different rooms!
No needed because you have already registered to our website,just type "Name/Nick" in game and play!
Have fun your
AroBlinz - Team

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